Doris Kadish is Distinguished Research Professor Emerita of French and Women’s Studies at the University of Georgia

Welcome to the site for my book The Secular Rabbi: Philip Rahv and Partisan Review.

I am an academic who wandered into the field of intellectual biography through genealogical research into the lives of my parents. It is through my mother that I ended up writing about Philip Rahv and his conflicted Jewish identity, which I share. I’ve pursued my research into his life and writings over the past ten years. The Secular Rabbi is the fruit of that work, but it is far from the last word on his enigmatic personality and complicated life story. I hope my book opens doors to others interested in him and related subjects.

I began with an essay focusing on Philip Rahv’s relationship with my mother Ethel Richman in the late 1920s. See:

If you want to know more about my academic life, here is a link to what I wrote on the website I’ve maintained about my academic specialty, slavery in the Francophone World.

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