“Providing a unique personal, biographical and autobiographical lens on Philip Rahv, this book offers a fresh perspective on one of the New York Intellectuals leading members.”

Professor Nathan Abrams, Bangor University, author of Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual

“With an eye for revelatory details and an analytical bent that balances rigor and empathy, Doris Kadish illuminates one epicenter of intellectual ferment in the mid-twentieth century, which took shape around Partisan Review and the brilliant, but tormented Russian immigrant at its helm, Philip Rahv, while bringing to life the intellectual milieu of this secular rabbi with memorable description and revelatory documentation, Kadish tells an epic American story — of immigration, upward mobility, and family ties that bind, occasionally undermine, and sometimes come to light at the most unexpected moments.”

Elizabeth R. Wright, Editor of the Bulletin of the Comediantes and Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia

“Professor Doris Kadish discovered from Rahv’s letters that when living in Savannah he had had a love affair with her mother, Ethel Richman. Kadish also found new information about Rahv’s youthful life in America, which both complements and corrects the biographical facts in Dvorsin’s dissertation.” 

Jeffrey Meyers, Acclaimed biographer of leading literary figures including: Edmund Wilson and George Orwell.

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